Keeping Communities Safe Youth Mentoring

KCS has the ability to keep our youth out of harm’s way and in turn, transform them into model students and model citizens: teens who display strong qualities of societal participation and leadership.

Our mission is very simple. We want our youth to leave the streets, leave the gangs, leave domestic violence relationships and ultimately take responsibility for their own actions. By teaching them the importance of work, we hope to instill a sense of power and a belief that they too can achieve whatever it is they desire.

The program is designed to support disconnected young adults in our community who are at high risk or even have some involvement in the juvenile or criminal justice system and who need assistance in getting back on track toward healthy adulthood.

KCS will now be providing A Transitional Independent Living Shelter in a confidential location for those that are human trafficking victims or who are in domestic violence relationships for 18 months so they can accomplish their goals, and dreams. They will stay in a safe place and our advocates will help them get on the path of independence!

We also assist siblings in aspects such as

  • Early Intervention for children birth to 3 with developmental delays or disabilities.
  • Maintaining ongoing contact with families, ensuring approved services are provided in a timely manner
  • Advocacy for the services parents feel their child and or children needs.

The goal of the KCS Youth Program is to make sure that our members move on successfully to the next stage of their lives.

Our youth will be prepared to face the challenges that life has to offer.

After a few weeks of attending the KCS program, teens and younger youth begin to feel, see, and experience positive changes.

The teens in the KCS Youth Program acquire respect for authority, learn to resist peer pressure, and become capable of confidently resolving everyday challenges. They learn the importance of personal hygiene. They learn to maintain high self-esteem while overcoming insecurities. And they internalize greater personal values, morals, and self-respect. They also gain the necessary skills to land the job or career they have always wanted to land!

KCS has stopped some of the youth rivalries across Westchester County and will continue to work hard to do so!